About us

Dear newcomers, I think to understand what the site is about – just look at the name of the site (in the header) and the headings (in the right column), but if you are interested – you can read and write below. This is a kind of compilation of personal preferences of the author, the page “about myself” (I do not think that this is necessarily necessary), the page “about the site” and why it was actually created. If you want to view the entries in chronological order – welcome to the tape entries. I still prefer that the main page is unchanged.

I love painting, drawing, music, beautiful architecture, I love creativity since childhood. Not so long ago I thought that modern art has nothing to offer a discerning connoisseur. Like many I was sure that the art of our contemporaries can not be characterized by the phrase of Tom Stoppard – “Mastery without imagination is a craft that gives a lot of useful things like wicker picnic baskets. Imagination without mastery engenders modern art. ” Nevertheless, it turns out, there are a huge number of artists who do not fall under this definition. Jacek Yerka, Rob Gonsalves, Mikhail Khokhlachev, Octavio Ocampo, Josephine Wall, Vojtek Sjudmak – the list goes on and on. They do not take fantasies, but nevertheless the language does not turn to say that their pictures are written without mastery. What can we say about such masters of academics as, say, Klim Lee (albeit not everyone likes it) and Nikolai Blokhin (even though they say that he is just an imitator of Feshin – his pictures are still amazing). With all these artists I met climbing the vast expanses of the worldwide network. In my head, the information demanding to carry kind and bright people began to accumulate on the sly :) So the idea arose to create such a site.