«Art Atelier Voytovych» and «Svit Kavy» invites you to the Alexander Voytovych personal exhibition «Siesta» inside of KavART project.

Opening — August 16, 2013 at Lviv coffee-house «Svit Kavy» on Katedralna sqr. 6. (2-3 floor)

French Alliance

Ladies and Gentlemen. French Alliance, Lviv, in the person of the President Natalia Demchuk and the Director Jerome Wannepain, is warmly inviting you to join the grand opening of the Exhibition of paintings by Olexander and Ivanka Voytovych, which takes place February, 6th at 18.00 on the premises of French Alliance at the address 18A Ohiyenka str., Lviv

Collection Stamp

On 16th October 2012 at the Post Museum in Bandinelli Palace, Rynok Square, 2 launching an official stamp for the Wine and Cheese Festival took place.

The painting «Allegory of Taste», which was made by the Ukrainian artist Olexander Voytovych in 2005, has been used for the design of the stamp. Let us remind you, that is the picture which has become the poster of the III City Wine and Cheese Festival. The official stamp has been issued in the number of 180 copies. Its size is 31x30 mm.

The artists Ivanka and Olexander Voytovych took part in the big event and so did the director of the III City Wine and Cheese Festival Andriy Sydor and the head of the Directorate of USEP «Ukrposhta» in Lviv Myhaylo Lyshak.

Lviv Wine Post

A new collection of postcards from Ivanka and Olexander Voytovych for the «Wine Post».

From 19th to 21st October in Rynok Square, Lviv the unique post was open. After numerous requests of Lviv citizens and visitors to Lviv the Wine Post took place at the III City Wine and Cheese Festival.

Lviv Coffee Post

The Coffee Post «From Lviv with Love» was working at the VI City Coffee Festival.

With the help of coffee postmen everyone who wished could send author’s coffee postcards from Ivanka and Olexander Voytovych from Lviv to every corner of the world.

The night portrait

The Lviv National Museum and Art Atelier Voytovych are organising a performance “The night portrait” by Oleksandr Voytovych, as part of the International Museum Day.

The performance starts at 21.00, 18 May 2012 at 20 Svobody Avenue, Lviv. Please come and join us.

Coffee woman
“Svit Kavy” and “Art Atelier Voytovych” invites you to the Alexander Voytovych personal exhibition “Coffee woman” inside of KavART project. Opening — September 21, 2011 at 18.00 at Lviv coffee-house “Svit Kavy” on Katedralna sqr. 6.

A Mysterious Portrait
20.XI. – 30.XI.2010 at Art Atelier VOYTOVYCH exhibition of Alexander Voytovych "A Mysterious Portrait"


Pat Appleton and DePhazz visited our ArtAtelier gallery in 26 of May on the next day after their Lviv concert.


«Sribni dzvony / Silver bells» gallery (Kyiv)
From 18 May till 10 June 2010 «Art Punkt» (Art Point) presents the exhibition of Ivanka and Alexander Voytovych in Kyiv, on 18/29 Mazepy str. (Slavy sqr.), tel.: (044) 254-57-77


A coffee shop «Svit kavy» begins its new artistic project «KavART» by the exhibition of Lviv artists Ivanka and Oleksandr Voytovych on February, 9. A coffee shop «Svit kavy» opened its first and third floor and extends activity offering an artistic pleasure to Lviv inhabitants and guests of Lviv city and this pleasure consists of combination of taste of good coffee and refined art.

As a result of such successful collaboration of Ivanka and Oleksandr with a coffee shop «Svit kavy» a collection of artistic works and also artistic gifts on a coffee theme is situated on the ground floor of the coffee shop and these artistic works can be purchased in a shop. By the project of «KavART» a coffee shop «Svit kavy» has for an object to bring over other artists to the collaboration suggesting to renew artistic works in the exhibition every month. One may say that beautiful tradition of aesthetical combination of coffee and art is thus formed.

News of the week

On December 17, 2009 in the new gallery "Art Atelier Voytovych" presentation of "Christmas Collection" – painting, drawing, decor and accessories. Welcome.

10 Staroyevreiska street, Lviv, Ukraine.
15.04 – 5.05.2009 the gallery “Silver Bells” in Kyiv presents exhibition of painting & drawing by Ivanka & Oleksandr Voytovych “Things from Lviv”.

The opening day – the 15 of April 2009 at 18/29 Mazepa Street, Kyiv (Slava Square).

26 March 2009 – The Ukrainian Centre of Culture & Information in Bucharest opens an exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Art. Paintings, graphics, ceramics and sculptures are presented in Romania by the artists from L’viv Ivanka & Oleksandr Voytovych, Olena Onufriv, Volodymyr Tsisaryk, Olha Pylnyk, Michailo Rad

21.02 – 2.03.2009 – a new art-project by Alexander Voytovych "Noble Entertaining In Ten Portraits". Museum of Ideas, Lviv, Ukraine. The opening 20th of February at 17.00 at 18a Valova Street, tel.: (032) 298 06 83

"Butterflies in belly" - Ivanka Voytovych answers the immodest questions of the DrinkArt journal.

Erotic Lviv. "I like to toy with female anatomy" - A conversation with A. Voytovych. "OPEN.LVIV" magazine

A new collection of verses by A. Gavrosh "A Bed of Hope" illustrated by A. Voytovych, will be published soon. Their first project "A Body of an Archeress" was published in 2006

A Coffee House "Svit kavy"- treat yourself to some good coffee and delicious atmosphere of Ivanka and Alexander Voytovych's painting. Lviv, Cathedralna square, 6

Ivanka Voytovych
Vivid pictures highlight genre painting art. Ivanka’s characteristic feature is ‘intimate objects world’ reflection the source for which is surrounding. Impressionistic easiness in color conveying together with graphicality of painting is artist’s stylistic device, her author’s hand.

Alexander Voytovych
Figurative painting is the feature that characterizes the author clearly. Portrait and naked model are the main themes of his art. Masterly plying the drawing and color, expressive manner of drab assist in perfect conveying emotional state of a person.

art historian (Spain)
This magic and rich in conceptions work is a serie dedicated to a woman wholly – to the woman which is beautiful and elegant and rich rather in abilities and freedom than the money. The lyricism and sensuality and aesthetics of the work unfairly cast a shadow at the mastery of the artist who possesses the sincerity and honesty of the grand painters. He elaborates the backgrounds in a marvellous way creating his characters with the help of the shadows and volumes. He possesses the energy of line and power of drawing as well as daring conception of anatomy… and all this is represented by the archetypes of the fashionable style. The great of his work consists in the fact that while watching his paintings you do not have visual sensations only – in some illogical way you start feeling the dense smoke of the interior of the cabaret and hearing the music and clicking of the heels and smelling perfume and that is the moment when you realize that it would be almost impossible to forget the paintings of Alexander Voytovych.



Female view




Male view


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